Each Our Own Savior…

During an interview Jesus was asked, “What does it feel like to be “the” savior?”.

Jesus replied, “It feels a lot like being you…”

The interviewer stunned queried, “What does mean, feels like being you? Are you making fun?”.

Jesus joyously answered back, “Heavens no, I am not making fun. Awake in LOVE, each of us becomes our own savior and in dong so, we become the savior for the other, as well.”.

Reporter, mind blown, “Does that mean, I am God too?” .

Jesus laughing, “Yes my bewildered brother, you too are God. All is God too.”.

And with that the interview was over, the man questioning, now nuzzled in Jesus’s embrace, tears of humble gratitude streaming down his face, falling to the ground, where a dandelion has just broken through the stone, watered there by the teardrops, blessed with LOVE, life grows and thrives…

now share LOVE, all LOVE, just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“In each individual the spirit is made flesh,
in each one the whole of creation suffers,
in each one a Savior is crucified.”
~ Hermann HesseC8AGI6EXkAAA54q

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