Eclipsing Our Finite Story…

Eclipsing Our Finite Story,,,
As I begin humbly to share the experience of oneness with LOVE Absolute I was gifted to have during the eclipse, I am immediately struck once again, by the limitation of our words to define the undefinable, to describe the indescribable, but then they are probably no more limiting then the limitation of the illusion of body to sense the awe inspiring magnificence of the immeasurable power and incomprehensible beauty of the universe of which we are innately woven into the fabric of its consciousness. I will endeavor however, my fellow seekers and travelers to open my heart and soul as wide as I can to let you into the wonder I beheld without, but was at the same time within.
About an hour before, just as the light of the morning was beginning to dim to preternatural night, I walked with my beloveds to a ridge just above our earthly dwelling on the side the mountain where I LOVE and live. We planned to sit in stillness and silence on this rocky outcropping, observing the shifting energies and play of light as the moon began its slow feast of the Sun, but it wasn’t long before we were inundated by joggers and hikers seemingly oblivious to the divine marvel they were in the midst of being. We at that point decided, perhaps it was best to have our experience at home, so we made the trek back down to the foot of the mystic mountain where we reside; which I have described as living held tightly against Mother Natures vibrant green bosom.
It was about thirty minutes before the eclipse reached it zenith that we entered our courtyard, swinging wide open the creaky wooden gate, ducking under the barbs of the lemon tree and dodging the few bees and butterflies still buzzing and fluttering about; even then the normal raucous sounds of the multitudes of birds was beginning to fade into quiet of the divine darkness descending.
My dog went into her den (also known as a bathroom) where she was panting heavily, feeling I am sure as I was the intense energies building as the earth, moon and sun came into alignment. I comforted her and told her it was all perfectly perfect and would soon pass, and to allow herself to breath it in. With that her breathing began to calm and the three of us settled in to absorb and share in the moment, each in our own unique way.
We had slid the glass doors open wide so that inside became out and outside became in. We could see light dimming across the hillside from us, making note of how everything was taking on a hyper-real quality; we had discussed this as we making our down from the ridge, as well. The air began to chill as my partner and I snuggled on our sofa honoring the wonder of it all.
We had turned on the TV – without sound – to see the NASA coverage of where the eclipse was occurring one hundred percent; here it was only about seventy five which was more than enough from a complete sensory perspective. What I immediately noticed was difference in the energies being emanated by the TV and universe outside, the energy from our man-made light and image emitter, was so paltry, as to be an insignificant annoyance by comparison. Then was the sound or should I say the absence of sound, as all the sounds of nature had suddenly been silenced and reality appeared to be a series of snapshots, rather than a flowing film. The one sound that remained was this piercing dog whistle ringing that I had been living with for a year, since I had a head injury from a car accident, but that is another story all together. What was different was that the sound had grown to be almost unbearable now, with even my partner being able to hear it. Whether it was the song of the frequency of the universe being turned up or if was an increased pressure from the alignment pressing upon my damaged brain I am not sure, but it’s intensity I was unable to block out or ignore.
My partner covered me with a blanket as I lay curled up and experienced the energies that connect everything to everything and nothing to nothing, flowed through the illusion of me. Shifting between states of consciousness I was both the experience and the experiencer of the power of this sacred celestial event unfolding. Reminding me over and over, with wave after wave that all is one and one is all; that both I Am and I Am not. This energy and information bombardment went on for well over an hour. At one point, at its most intense moment, I simply walked outside and crumbled to my knees, shaking uncontrollably as I tried to adsorb and pay homage to it all.
Once the main event itself had mostly passed, I first laid, unable to move for how long, exactly, I do not know, before finally – my head and body was now racked with pain from the experience – I went back to bed to fully process what had just occurred. There I felt almost as if I had just made LOVE to the universe, the cells in my body now quivering, achingly, almost orgasmically; such was the bliss filled ecstasy of the moon embracing the sun, and kissing the earth with her shadow.
What I most to convey is that we are a part of something more infinitely immense and wonderful than our minds can imagine and our sciences can find answer to, let alone control. But while eternally humbling, it is not because I feel we are to be cowed by the unknowableness of it all, needing to bow before its unfathomable might. No I feel humble and grateful, because the one thing I do know for absolute certain, is that it is we and we are it, we can’t not be, no way, no how, no story can be written to undo, we are one with the universe, we are one with the source, we are one with Infinity, we are the experiences of Absolute LOVE, experiencing itself absolutely.
We have been telling a very minute tale of our true selves, let us use this cosmic convergence of light and darkness as visualization tool, of our innate ability to eclipse this story of the finite, to the dream of the infinite any NOW we so choose.
Blessings of LOVE Absolute to all…
now share LOVE, all LOVE, just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized
by a sense of Universal responsibility,
not only nation to nation and human to human,
but also human to other forms of life.” ~ Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

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