In LOVE with Nothing…

We fall into lust with the illusion, the reflection of “I”, calling it “love”, believing the lie of ego that we are, that everything is something, while abhorring the reality that in fact we are, that everything is nothing. The irony is, it is one’s ability to embrace the ultimate truth of their nothingness, that will free them of their ego born fear prison of the unknown – of not being – allowing them to Be the LOVE Absolute they are, the source of all illusions – in LOVE eternally, with the dream of creation, with the everything that is nothing and the nothing that is everything, and the everything that is not, and the nothing that is not…
now share LOVE, all LOVE, just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“I need nothing. I seek nothing. I desire nothing.” ~ Milarepa
“To manage your mind, know that there is nothing, and then relinquish all attachment to nothingness.” ~ Lao Tzumedium_2513509197-640x360

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