From Victim to Villain…

Paul Hawken brilliantly stated as it concerned the catastrophic ramifications of climate change,”Global warming isn’t happening to us. It’s happening for us. It’s a gift” Let that really sink in – what he’s saying – because it such a powerful piece of wisdom he sharing. That instead of looking at the planet raging around us through the eyes of the victim, let us look at through the eyes of the perpetrator who is being warned to change their ways or pay the ultimate price; at least as they now perceive of what the ultimate price Is. Now let us take that same shift in perception and apply it to everything that is going on with “humanity”. From Donald Trump, to unexplained mass shooting in Las Vegas, terrorist acts, endless wars, race riots, and every other ridiculous absurdity we inflict on ourselves, to Donald Trump is; had to make you remember who the leader of the “free” world. Long, long, long hard belly laugh, break here… If we can view ourselves not as the victims these things are happening to, but as the perpetrators who have manifested every insane, insidious, heinous horror we now face. Perhaps there is still a slight chance that we can rewrite this story’s end, to one that is happy, where we redeem ourselves and emerge as LOVE’s heroes who save the world just as the clock hits zero. Instead of in extinction, with us as the gluttonous fear monster laughing over the corpse of the unimaginable beauty that was this story of Life.
I know a shift to a LOVE consciousness can change everything instantly, but what I don’t know is if we are willing to choose or are destined to embrace it. just LOVE…
now share LOVE, all LOVE, just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Global warming isn’t happening to us. It’s happening for us. It’s a gift” ~ Paul Hawken050887590-man-hands-patterned-world-map-

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