Basically Good?

I hear it often repeated that people are basically good, but in order to be basically good you have to do basically good things. However, from the state of the world it’s hard to see how the cumulation of our actions have things here on earth going basically well. So if we are basically good now is the time to put the proverbial money (we value above all else) where our mouth is. Personally, I know that since all are LOVE, we each have within us the potential to be great forces of creation or incredible tools for destruction. I keep away from value judgements of good or evil when defining natural powers of creation and destruction, life and death because all are essential to the flow, the yin and yang, that is the LOVE story of life’s process; of which all is a part in the duality. As we are experiencing the duality now though, we do put value and moral judgements of these natural forces and powers. Therefore, unless I have my understandings of us this moment in time considering destruction “evil” and creation “good” reversed, I ask each of us to search our own souls, and answer honestly am I basically (meaning mostly) good as evidenced by my actions or am I basically doing destructive things; look at all aspects of your life. Again for me, there is no right or wrong answer except how it feels to your soul. Do you know in the heart of your awareness that you are fulfilling your purpose, are you being as LOVE made you to be or are you living out someone or something else’s programming of what they want you to be, believing the things they want you to believe, doing the things they want you to do? If you are living in your truth, being your authentic self certain is your knowing, but if you are not, and if you move beyond any rationalization and self deception your knowing of that is certain as well. We must move beyond allowing the hollow meanings of our words to guide us, and instead still and silence our ever racing minds, reconnecting to source, allowing divine intuition and instinct show us the way. Are we basically good? Can we do better? Do we even know what better means? The jury’s still out, it’s still up to us…

now share LOVE, all LOVE, just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“The purpose of life is not to fight against evil and misfortune; it is to unveil magnificence.” ~ Alan Cohenralph-waldo-emerson

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