Not Meant for LOVE’S Truth…

Let your ego tell you whatever story it wants, but if you look around this beautiful planet with its myriad upon myriad of life abundantly, abundant and then out to the countless stars, with their seemingly endless array of planets that fill the Infinity above and still don’t believe that you are an inseparable aspect of a living intelligence so much greater than you could ever in a google of existences dream yours being, as it is this intelligence that imagined from no thing, nothingness all that is every thing, everything into being in a beginning that begins forever, and a now that never ends, then perhaps in this particular story you are just not one meant to have LOVE’S truth awake the real you, your ego is disguising…

now share LOVE, all LOVE, just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
#nowshareLOVE #justLOVEmovement #justagape#kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #summerofunconditionalLOVE #’s #loveonhaight#jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla
“It seems to me that terrestrial beings, as they become more autonomous, psychologically richer, shut themselves up in a way against one another, and at the same time gradually become strangers to the cosmic environment and currents, impenetrable to one another, and incapable of exteriorizing themselves.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chard2300273-Pierre-Teilhard-de-Chardin-Quote-Love-is-the-most-universal-the

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