Man Manifested vs. Life’s Process; The Difference…

This current chapter in the story of humanity has manifested an artificial layer over the story of the natural world from which our species evolved and needs to sustain themselves. Let me help you visualize what I am sharing. Look out your nearest window, you may see houses built, buildings constructed, roads paved, cars racing, planes zooming… on one side and on the other flowers blooming, grasses growing, trees reaching to the heavens, creatures crawling, birds soaring… The first is the artificial layer manifested by man and the second is the organic story of the life’s process unfolding. Do you see the fundamental difference between the two? The artificial layer of the current chapter is not self replenishing. The story of the natural world in which man’s story is innately woven, is. A house, a building, a road, a car, a plane etc. cannot drop a seed, spread pollen or mate to grow, to birth a new house, building, road, car or plane. While in the story of nature all is recycled, renewed, restored, meaning more flowers blooming, grasses growing, tree reaching to the heavens, creatures crawling, birds soaring, and for now more human’s bumbling and fumbling. This is what has created in us delusional feelings of separation, isolation and desperation, as intuitively we are aware that for us to be apart from life’s process will ultimately mean that humanity may soon no longer share in the eternally wondrous experience of Being alive. LOVE is the source, the eternal bond that inseparably connects all to all, and those things that deny this eternal bond simply cease to Be. We can either embrace that we are, all is LOVE infinitely connected, in infinite flow. Or we can continue to believe we are ego which then just like all the things manufactured in the artificial layer the human species has manifested in this chapter of their story will end up in the garbage dump of humanity; unrenewed, unrecycled, unreplenished, unrestored… The End.

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilkethe-goal-of-life-is-to-make-your-heartbeat-match-the-beat-of-the-universe-to-match-your-nature-with-nature-11

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