Mirage of the Mind…

For liberation to, and unification with the reality of LOVE to occur one must experience Being as the true self, the whole self, the complete self. Which means letting the existence of what you are not dissipate back to the ether of LOVE’S infinite imagination. This is the death of the mask of ego, of the false self one believes is looking back at them in the mirrors reflection, but in truth is just a mirage of the mind, a phantom of a thought casting a minute shadow across the tapestry of Infinity…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Why do we consistently refuse to allow love to light our way? We resist the allure of love, while still longing for its comfort. And what is that resistance, really? First, it is resistance to the experience of a bigger life, in which our small and separate identity disappears. What is actually the birth of our spiritual identity feels to the ego like death. The ego, our small and separate sense of self, is an imposter personality. It is a false self. It resists our genuinely remembering God, because in the recognition of our oneness with him lies the death of the ego and the end of all fear.” ~Marianne Williamsonquote-can-you-dissolve-your-ego-can-you-abandon-the-idea-of-self-and-other-can-you-relinquish-laozi-66-60-18

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