Are You Still Sleeping?

If one is still choosing sides in the dualities they are playing a role in, positive versus negative, light versus dark, right versus wrong, good versus evil, life versus death, even LOVE versus fear then one has not entirely woken to LOVE’S absolute truth, LOVE’S supreme reality, as LOVE is all sides and no sides at all. Asleep, one acts out their part in story alone as if separate and at war with all, no matter which side they choose. Awake, one is in unity and collaboration with Infinity knowing that it is quite impossible to be separate from LOVE’S whole, and to choose war is only the illusion of ego battling against the true self. Yin does not fight with Yang, and Yang does not fight with Yin, they represent that both aspects of Being are needed to complete the circle of life that comprise LOVE’S endless dreams told in stories dualities, the tales of many separate things that in fact nothing is and can ever really Be. So one must ask ones self; Am I really awake or still sleeping, believing myself to be better than the other, that is in truth, also me, still sleeping?

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“There is but one world common for those who are awake, but when men are asleep, each turns away into a world of his own.” ~ Heraclitus

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” ~ Henry David Thoreau133476-Rumi-Quote-Whether-you-love-God-or-you-love-a-human-being-if-you.jpg

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