Perspectives for a Moneyless Humanity…

Perspectives for a Moneyless Humanity…

Everyday I see, hear and feel millions and millions of well meaning “do-gooders and lightworkers” from all around the world raging and flailing against Donald Trump and his minions, believing he and they are the source of humanities ever rapidly increasing slide into annihilation. But the truth is (from my perspective) none of our current challenges were created by The Donald, his cronies and fans; they are really just visible part of the cancer that began growing in mankind long, long, ago. The larger problem we are facing (again from my perspective) is the vast, vast majority who are railing against the Trumpster fire (i.e. the mole that sits on top of the stage 4 tumor threatening all life) is so few are willing to look honestly at the actual cause of the ever growing malignancy. Because that would require that they step outside their comfort zone and embrace their own complicity in our existing condition. And maybe even more important to them than that, is it would require them giving up many of their needless conveniences and frivolous distractions (for a time) while we begin to, at least initially, do what we can to halt the growth of collective disease, so we may then begin to address the actual cause of our pontentially terminal malady; which is our fear based societal construct itself. For without a complete overhaul of our existing “belief” systems, that have us following like blind cows to slaughter, a small group of sociopathic leaders who tell the many, we must consume, consume, consume, war, war, war, all to keep the capitalist tank rolling and devouring on; which is in actuality just the means they use to feed their insatiable, unquenchable addiction for the illusion of power, i.e. control. Perhaps then instead of wasting our time, resources and energies railing against the mad king (often while feeding our own insane gluttonous programming for more) each of us should do what we can, working in harmony with others to re-code the programming that D.J.T. represents; which obviously insults us to our very core, lest why would we be raging against him so; it is often the flaw in our own reflection that enrages us most. Therefore, I feel the first step in overwriting the current code (after we have embraced LOVE as the foundation for a better humanity, which many in way or another already have) is imagining a world without money of any kind. I can feel the collective resistance to this even as I am typing, so deeply embedded is this delusion which has the vast majority believing that exchanging currency is not only a necessity for modern human “civilization” to function, but that this is the way it has always been; both “beliefs”could not be further from the truth. However, rather than rehash and or debate the histories that existed millenniums before the culture of the white west, let’s focus on now, and make the huge leap of faith – sourced from common sense, logic and reason – that we can not only survive, but thrive without the need or rather want of cash. Because if we who have accepted LOVE’S reality can’t let go of our own cravings for money and the meaningless things it buys, there is almost no chance of us curing ourselves and healing our home. Look at it this way, if you are dying from lung cancer, but unwilling to give up your addiction to tobacco most likely you will not get well, no matter how many different treatments you avail yourself of or how healthy a life you live in every other regards.

In summation: what I am sharing here is not some fanciful utopian pipe dream of a moneyless world, without any real solutions or alternatives. And while I will admit there are not many, there is one that at gives a complete and comprehensive framework to building a new societal structure that does not need currency and the greed that is born of it to operate, and that is Jacque Fresco’s and Roxanne Meadow’s Venus project. (Which I implore each of you to learn more about at the link I am sharing at the end of this missive.) We can change the world, but first we must change ourselves and rethink from our hearts what we have been programmed to believe is true.

One final thing I want all of you to understand: I am not sharing this from some fear influenced doomsday perspective of good rising up over evil (another aspect of our flawed programming, all this judging of better than the other) but rather this comes from a place of truly accepting all that it means to be the LOVE, I Am, which leaves me entirely unattached to the outcome of this or any story. So I am offering you these words – for what they are worth – that they may help to begin to bring an end to your suffering caused by experiencing the duality, as separation, rather than as unification.

Yin does not war with yang, nor yang with yin, the true self does not fight for it knows there is nothing to win. For if all was separate there would be no life to live…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Crime is based upon need, making money. People sell drugs to make money. But if everybody is cared for, they don’t sell drugs and if there’s no money you can’t sell drugs even if you wanted to. There’d be no such thing as gambling, prostitution, or selling out, or paying off a senator or a governor. There are no senators, there are no governors so you can’t pay them off. If you take away the basis or the condition that generate abhorrent behavior, you don’t have abhorrent behavior.” – Jacque Frescoquote-human-behavior-is-subject-to-the-same-laws-as-any-other-natural-phenomenon-our-customs-jacque-fresco-72-85-13

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