Man the Pinnacle of Evolution! Really?

Man is the pinnacle of evolution, the most complex thing in the universe to ever exist, making him the most intelligent creature in all Infinity; God’s very most specialist ones. Oh and by the way, the most beautiful creation in all creation. Really? With each passing moment these boasts that I have heard since birth, seem only ever more ridiculous and stupid. I mean who are we even boasting to about our unmatched greatness in all areas of beingness, ourselves? I think there psychological diagnosis for that called: sociopathic narcissism. Or maybe we’re screaming out to all other life on the planet, so that the animals and plants know who’s the best, and who’s boss. But I am pretty sure that is not high on their level of, I give two fucks. As one, their time is way more occupied by us making them all extinct and how exactly they should manage that. And two, they are living in the now. So better or worse than, really doesn’t enter their equation, as they are pretty comfortable in the state of, just being. Which by the way is exactly the state all ancient wisdom teachings, so many are fans of, advise us is the ideal state for a human to be in. But wait, if our most valued teachings tell us that is the ideal of a human to be, and all other animals are already being that, how again does that make us the most intelligent? But I digress. I know, we boast for the super advanced aliens who are coming to conquer and or annihilate us. Because everyone knows there is nothing like a good chest thumping to stop the otherworldly or dimensional invaders. Okay, wait, again, if we are the most blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, then how could any alien race be more advanced than us. Sorry I digressed again, but I think you might be getting where I am going. Back to the point, I feel that the only reason we adore patting ourselves on the back so much is that if there is anything that we are supremely superior at, it is being insecure and afraid. And maybe for a certain chapter in the human odyssey it has served us well. Maybe we needed that super sized ego, to help us move from cringing in the shadows, stammering, we’re not worthy, to we’re gonna rule this mother fucker by hook or by crook; which we have or at least have convinced ourselves we have. Not! Now though, this mental delusion no longer serves us except in the march toward our own extinction. Perhaps now might be a good time to rethink our strategy of maxim vanity, and accept that we like everything else is an equally significant part of what this story of creation is; no less than or greater. Maybe now would be a good now to try a gracious, humble, LOVE, unity, compassionate collaboration methodology. I hear it’s all the rage in the rest of the known universe. Of which we are an integral, innate part and not impossibly separate from, as our hubris has us so convinced. Human beings the most… ever! I am just not feelin it, but like I said, if we give this LOVE thing a try, who knows. Although, I suspect if we give LOVE a go we will no longer care about who is king of the mountain, and just cherish the mountain and all other aspects of creation, of life for the beautiful works of Mandala art they are, that we are.

Me that is not, I Am getting there. I LOVE all for I have embraced LOVE is all, but I have also accepted that nothing matters, as there is in fact no matter to matter about. Unattached free I Am. to just Be, I Am now…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“In the state of consciousness natural to the field within the mandala – that of Self-realization, or non-duality – such opposites as inner and outer, or subjective and objective, male or female, matter and spirit, are all grasped as connected, married, ultimately unified.” ~ Judith Cornell31ddecfe91eda196a1b3363a0ae4d4ad

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