To Escape My Ego Self…

To escape my ego self I had to accept that there never was a “me” needing to escape, that there was never anything to hold captive the “I” that never was, that All that is, is in truth nothing. That there is only LOVE, the absolute and that in reality, there is not even an absolute. There, that is not there, beyond the beyond the beyond… LOVE, Infinity just is; unknowable, unreachable, unnameable. To escape my ego self, was to escape the prison of the mind of the “I” that never was, by accepting the mind also never was. To escape “me” I had to accept there was never a “me” thinking “I” needed to escape. That never was there a “me” with a mind thinking at all. That there is only LOVE, Infinity, the unknowable, unreachable, unnameable that “I” that never was, with the mind that never was, was never there to know nothing of the nothing All is. To escape my self I had to accept there was never a “me” needing escape or a mind thinking “I” needed escape from an ego self that never was. In short, I had to surrender the illusion of ego, of I, of me and accept humbly my nothingness… I Am just a figment of LOVE, Infinity the unknowable, unreachable, unnameable’s infinite imaginings. Most simply put, there is nothing, I Am is just LOVE…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Unless you make tremendous efforts, you will not be convinced that effort will take you nowhere. The self is so self-confident that unless it is totally discouraged it will not give up. Mere verbal conviction is not enough. Hard facts alone can show the absolute nothingness of the self-image.”
~ Sri Nisargadatta MaharajEmilysQuotes.Com+-+spinning,+nothingness,+scattering,+stars,+dust,+amazing,+great,+inspirational,+wisdom,+Rumi

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