From the Impenetrable Void…

LOVE is the Infinity of everything and nothing that is or ever will happen in the absolute Now; space and time are fanciful mechanisms by which the embodied illusions of living conscious ego beings, like you and I, through facade of looking glass reflection perceive the stage sets and chronologies of the roles we mostly unknowingly, unwittingly, unaware play in the limitless, endless stories LOVE dreams from the eternal mystery that is the impenetrable void, where stillness dances, silence sings, answer is question, destination is journey, and order is chaos…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“As I continued to fall into the dark void, embraced by the vault of the heavens, I sang to the beauty of the stars and made my peace with the darkness.” ~ Heinz Pagelsquote-to-perceive-that-form-reveals-the-void-and-to-see-that-the-void-reveals-form-is-the-alan-watts-116-36-66

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