Brahman’s Dream…

The boundless night sky, the tapestry of space and time, bedazzled with beaming moons and twinkling stars. And outside the gentle chirping of a choir of crickets singing a lullaby to Mother Nature. Her bosom sculpted from the mountain, by the weathering of uncountable seasons of blazing suns and raging storms. All flowing from LOVE’S endlessly creative, giving heart. Feeling as one with, wrapped in Brahman’s dream, I float, in sublime silence and stillness, wandering between waking and sleep. Ego vanishing, with its fear, into the incomprehensible, impenetrable, unknowable reality of Infinity. Where prior to the I Am this or I Am that “I” once imagined, believing I Am was. Surrendering the last fragment of the illusion of a separate self, to the truth, that just LOVE is All, reality, the Absolute, the Supreme…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Life is called Samsara – it is the result of the conflicting forces acting upon us. Materialism says, “The voice of freedom is a delusion.” Idealism says, “The voice that tells of bondage is but a dream.” Vedanta says, “We are free and not free at the same time.” That means that we are never free on the earthly plane, but ever free on the spiritual side. The Self is beyond both freedom and bondage. We are Brahman, we are immortal knowledge beyond the senses, we are Bliss Absolute.” ~ Swami Vivekanandaperennial-philosophy-expressed-succinctly-sanskrit-formula-tat-tvam-asi-quote-on-storemypic-21838

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