The Truth of Suffering and Addiction…

All suffering and addiction is borne of any individual’s inability or unwillingness to accept the absolute perfection of the story created by LOVE in which they play their role. So instead they fight or wallow in the unavoidable experiences of pain in their story of being; turning it to suffering. And or they hide or feel falsely empowered by the equally inescapable moments of pleasure their tale of existing brings; transforming it to addiction. In just the same way both rain and sun are integral to creation’s story, but were one to desire continuous rain it would of course lead to flood, or if all one were to want was for the sun to always shine, drought would certainly follow. When one fully awakes to the reality of LOVE, all fear of and or desire for pain or pleasure, rain or sun vanish, and you accept without exception the absolutely perfect design of what is eternally and infinitely Now…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Mortal! that cull’st the flowers of life,
Think not to escape the thorn.” ~ WILLIAM B. TAPPAN, “The Thorn of Life”final_5ba8e865047e370013394cd6.png

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