LOVE’S Simple Truth…

It can’t be made more simple or clear than this, LOVE is reality, the sole reality, there is no other. You can call it God, Brahman, Infinity, whatever, but regardless the unimportant label, there just that whole, sole reality; I know it as LOVE. You, everything, nothing, all creation are just stories dreamed from this sole reality, this supreme source, LOVE, that it may experience itself being something other than absolute. This is truth, through the illusion of you, the illusion of all, LOVE is experiencing Being; how sublimely, divinely blessed are we to Be, just that, just LOVE Being…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Listen to the inner light;
It will guide you.
Listen to the inner Peace;
It will feed you.
Listen to the inner Love;
It will transform you,
It will divinise you,
It will immortalise you.”
~ Sri Chinmoyi-am-in-you-and-you-in-me-mutual-in-divine-love-quote-1

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