Pieces of LOVE’S Puzzle…

In the last interview of his life the legendary, genius Jacques Fresco (the mind behind the Venus Project) shared with us that the biggest influence in his life was the library. He also said of the library (Where he had done his best to read through and capture as much of the knowledge held there as one man could); essentially, that everyone had a little piece of the puzzle, but no one had them all. This was quite profound, because what he was really getting to the heart of, is that for the whole of the human species to reach a more expanded state of awareness, we all all must join our little pieces together, so that we, collectively, can grasp the infinitely larger picture LOVE has imagined, of which we are a part.

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Joy is a return to the deep harmony of body, mind, and spirit that was yours at birth and that can be yours again. That openness to love, that capacity for wholeness with the world around you, is still within you.” ~ Deepak Choprawholeness-is-not-achieved-by-cutting-off-a-portion-of-ones-being-but-by-integration-of-the-quote-1

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