The Truth of Ego Death…

Ever since she was a very young girl she had danced with various levels of waking from the illusion of ego to the reality of LOVE, with ego often convincing her that it could coexist in the absolute of LOVE. But each time, no matter how little ego she allowed to share in her expanding awareness of what LOVE is, it is always grew like a virus of the mind. Consuming more and more of her attention and intention, blinding her from her purpose of helping more to awake from their slumber in the story of fragmented matter that they maybe be whole again as LOVE. This time however, she freed herself from ego’s grasp, after being reminded for the last that the true definition of ego was ignorance, deceit, spiritual non-reality or Maya, as it is referred to in Buddhist’s and non-dualistic practices. This remembering made her laugh so hard she began to cry, as she thought to herself, “What a fool am I, to have believed over and over again that just little ego couldn’t possibly hinder my awakening, keep me from fulfilling purpose.” She pondered on, “After all there is now amount ignorance and deceit that is just enough. As even the smallest amount causes the ego like cancer of consciousness to grow.” With that she understood now, what all the expanded masters had discovered and shared. “The ego must die completely, its story of being ground to dust and blown to Infinity, if she was to be whole again with reality of her beloved, LOVE.”, she humbly mused. This is the truth of ego death, it is not the death of true self, but rather the end of ones ignorance, ones self deceit, ones illusion that they could ever be anything other than I Am, the reality of LOVE they are…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“When one is without ego, one becomes immediately free of all personal judgements, and perceives life and the world with divine eyes and mind.
Nothing is offensive to them and they remain in perfect serenity and peace always.” ~ Moojisri-nisargadatta-maharaj-the-mind-creates-the-abyss-and-the-quote-on-storemypic-5b0b4.png

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