The Lustful Illusion…

That lustful drive, almost insatiable desire one feels for another whether it is female to male, male to female, female to female, male to male, is Soul, the true self, longing to be reunited, to be made whole with its lost half, that it was divided from, as it came to play its role, fulfill it purpose in LOVE’S stories, but so long as desire of flesh is confused with LOVE of Soul, the true self will remain divided, lost in the illusion of orgasmic ecstasy, unable to know the divine bliss of Being whole…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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Angels Souls divided and compromised
Beauty disrupted
And the Lord of the narcissists laughs
At the confusion bestowed on humankind

In desperation they search
For the lost half of their divinity
And darkness they form unions of ecstasy
Compromised by guilt

Man the embodiment of God’s physical power
Woman the embodiment of God’s passion and beauty

~ Kip Baldwinrumi-1261482

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