The Problem of Our Current Science…

Here is the problem with our existing material world based science methodology of a thing not being a thing until we have proven its a thing; is that by time we even get round to proving the existence of a thing that thing has already existed that thing is now the past. So our current scientific methodology only proves the past that already existed, exists. These findings of what already was then become our scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow that then will become our technological advancements of today.

Now ask yourself if we are constantly only trying prove what already was that is external to us, how will this help us to accept the innate gifts and abilities happening NOW that are in actuality the causes of things of the past, we prove existed, that are our scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow, that are our technological advancements of today? The answer is it won’t, it can’t, as it is not what it’s designed to do.

What it was designed to do is keep us on the hamster wheel of ignorance, recycling and reincarnating time and time again, into almost identically rhyming tales of existence. If the goal is to progress, evolve, expand in awareness of consciousness, then we must stop trying to prove what already was and accept that all that any can possibly dream is certainty, innate, without exception. For in truth we are the infinite imaginers of all the stories that infinitely are.

We are the reality of LOVE, imagining it itself to be illusion; including the illusion of the scientific methodology based in the fantasy of a material world that in truth never was, is or will be. To believe other is to be lost in the ego’s delusion of control, also of the true self’s conjuring.

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“Science does not know its debt to imagination.” ~ . Ralph Waldo Emerson5732791-Oliver-Wendell-Holmes-Jr-Quote-Science-is-the-topography-of

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