LOVE Is Void of Desire…

If one is still desiring. even the desire to not desire then one has not fully awakened, become aware, accepted the truth of LOVE they are, the true self is. As why would LOVE, the true self need desire anything when it is the source of everything. nothing, and no things at all…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“You have to take the responsibility totally, that it is you who decides either to be in misery or to be in blessing. If you want misery, have more desires. If you want a blissfulness, then learn the art – even for few moments – of being desireless, and you will be surprised. Even for a few moments, if you are desireless, all anguish, all anxiety disappears. And you are so contented, so fulfilled, that you cannot ask for more. Your blessing is so much that you can only say that you bless the whole existence. Still it will be there. It is so much; it is overflowing.” ~ Rajneeshlao-tzu-quote-lbi5q8z

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