No One Cell…

To all those whom are Ayn Rand disciples and free-market devotees, fanatical in their beliefs of pulling oneself up by their own bootstraps, rugged individualism, there can be only one. Allow me to point an important fact; no human body ever has been compromised of just one cell, and no one cell in the human body seeks dominion over all other cells in the body, and when they do it’s called cancer. Beyond that no cell in the human body is comprised of just one atom, and no atom is comprised of just one particle, and so on and so on down into the infinite abyss of nothingness that leads to source, the absolute, LOVE. And just as below so above; the human body is a cell in the universal body, and the universe is but an element that comprises space/time, and space/time but a strand in the limitless tapestry of creation, and so on and so on out into eternal oblivion that leads to source, the absolute, LOVE. This lesson is vital for us to accept, for right now the cell in the universe that is the collective human body has turned cancerous, and can either heal itself that it may once more be a useful component in the universal entity, story of life or destroy itself that the entity of the universal being may be healed and exist in harmony and balance for Infinity, as it was created by LOVE to Be…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“I have visited sweatshops, factories, and crowded slums. If I could not see it, I could smell it. The foundation of society is laid upon a basis of . . . individualism, conquest and exploitation . . . A social order such as this, built upon such wrong and basic principles, is bound to retard the development of all. The output of a cotton mill or a coal mine is considered of greater importance than the production of healthy, happy-hearted and free human beings. We, the people, are not free. Our democracy is but a name.” ~ Helen Kellerno-member-of-a-crew-is-praised-for-the-rugged-individuality-of-his-rowing-quote-1

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