Step Through the Looking Glass…

The ego, the false self makes one believe out of fear they are the fragile, mortal mirrors reflection. While to know the reality of LOVE, the absolute, the true self, one looks not into the looking glass, but steps through it, into their nonbeingness, no-thingness, their all-powerful, Infinity…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“The Ego, however, is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your social mask thrives on approval. It wants control, and it is sustained by power, because it lives in fear.” ~ Deepak Chopra

“The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some superhuman accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being.” ~ Eckhart Tolleharbhajan-singh-yogi-when-ego-is-lost-limit-is-lost-quote-on-storemypic-f4853

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