S.O.U.L. Documentary Sharing Solutions From the LOVE Paradigm…


Dearest Friends, Family, LOVE Content Creators, Consciousness Solutionaries…

As most, if not all of you are aware, my life’s work is to share solutions for the myriad of challenges facing our species – all sourced from LOVE – with the goal of moving us from the paradigm of institutionalized fear, to paradigm of LOVE. To that end I have partnered with my soul twin and fellow conscious evolutionary Evan Hirsch to create S.O.U.L. which was founded to share inspiration, ideas, information, and LOVE! http://soulDocumentary.love

S.O.U.L. is a team of content creators whose purpose is to help inspire and guide our conscious evolution through educational videos, documentaries, and music. Everyone knows that something needs to change!! …but how do we solve the big, persistent problems on a broad enough scale to nurture our entire human family?

Conscious Evolution At S.O.U.L., we promote employing conscious evolution in both a personal and collective context. But what exactly is conscious evolution anyway? And why would we need it? What problems is it intended to fix, and will it work? Click here for a full explanation: https://souldocumentary.love/conscious_evolution.

LOVE Paradigm The LOVE Paradigm is a state of mind and the state of affairs into which we’d love to see and help our human family evolve. But what exactly is The LOVE Paradigm anyway? And is it even possible? What shift in thinking would it require? Click here to find out: https://souldocumentary.love/love_paradigm

This is our life story to write. Let’s make it a LOVE story!

Please peruse S.O.U.L., join our mailing list, subscribe to our YouTube and keep sharing LOVE

Thank you for caring and just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin

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