The False; Ego, Fear…

Ego’s greatest fear is not being or ever being again, but how insane is it for one to fear losing that which one never was, is or will ever be. We fear the loss of the false, all the while shunning LOVE, the absolute, the supreme that is truth, the source of the real…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“Every problem emerges from the false belief we are separate from one another, and every answer emerges from the realization we are not.” ~ Marianne Williamsonfalse-never-grow-truth-growing-power-quote-on-storemypic-77a50

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