Pain, Pleasure, Bliss, LOVE…

When one no longer feels any desire for any pleasure or fears the hurt of any pain, instead observing both, as bliss, as components of the illusion of duality in which one plays their role, they will have woke completely to the reality of LOVE All Is…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
#justLOVEmovement #justagape #kipbaldwin #EvanHirsch #SOUL #AllLOVE #soulofunconditionalLOVE #loveonhaight #jamminon #loveistheanswer #oshalla #souldocumentary
“Bliss is not a feeling but a state of being. In the state of bliss, everything is loved.” ~ Deepak Chopraonly-love-has-the-ability-to-put-you-in-that-state-of-bliss-quote-1


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