Infinite Certainty…

Nothingness the source of everything has been defined in some teachings, as infinite potential, but potential implies yet to occur.

And since, All, that is everything creation that emerged from source nothingness must already Be, it seems it would be more accurately described, as infinite certainty.

For in the divine abyss of nothingness that is the absolute supreme reality of LOVE, source of All, limited only by Infinity, everything Is not only possible, probable, but certain.

The LOVE we Are, All Is, is the vow of infinite certainty. In other words, as the LOVE we Are there is not only nothing we cannot Be, but in truth already Are…

Kip Baldwin
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“Because of its concrete content, sense-certainty immediately appears as the richest kind of knowledge, indeed a knowledge of infinite wealth for which no bounds can be found, either when we reach out into space and time in which it is dispersed, or when we take a bit of this wealth, and by division enter into it. Moreover, sense-certainty appears to be the truest knowledge … but, in the event, this very certainty proves itself to be the most abstract and poorest truth. All that it says about what it knows is just that it is; and its truth contains nothing but the sheer being of the thing.” ~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegelrainer-maria-rilke-it-is-part-of-the-nature-of-quote-on-storemypic-378bb

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