Realism and Materialism Are Dead!!!

The beliefs in materialism and realism are absolutely false! This is all that I Am trying to help those with eyes to see and ears to hear to understand. This is what the Buddha, by materializing miraculously on the other side of the river shared to help us understand and Jesus rising from the dead also was trying to – somewhat dramatically – demonstrate that we are are not these bodies and this world of matter is not reality. Now with quantum our delusion of a physical being is exposed, as the fraud of ego it has always been. While concurrently proving, as factually accurate the ancient wisdom teachings of the Vedics and so many other great masters. And yet no matter how much information we have been and are being given telling us the truth of our true infinite nature, almost all will still choose the story of their finite reflection; so strong is the self-programmed fear of the unknown, of not being, of death. But here’s the thing, it is only the fear that one gave life that can die, as the vain mask of body they thought they were can never die, because it was never actually alive to begin with. This is why if we hope to expand our awareness to real reality, to super supreme, to truest true self (or whatever it is that one wants to label the undefinable absolute source) the essence of All, of Us, LOVE, must be embraced. For only LOVE will allow us the courage to go beyond our illusion of limit, the physical, and the terrors we have imagined to keep us imprisoned in dream, so that we are freed to experience once more our limitless Being. To that end, to help free is from shadow prison of form, I am sharing in this post two videos; one is a dive into the world of quantum and the other an ancient Vedic, non-dualistic teaching that shares almost exactly the same knowledge authored many thousands of years ago. But I also accept that no matter how much information is shared most will never choose to wake, to LOVE’S reality, true self, instead choosing to be recycled over and over, birth to death, death to birth into the drama of duality, Because, as Marianne Williamson so astutely observed, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” As I stated before; only LOVE can give one the courage to embrace the reality of their Infinity…

Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism

Ribhu Gita Ch 26 English

Kip Baldwin
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“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” ~ Niels Bohr

“Contrary to what they tell you… You are not a limited material being.” ~ Amit Goswami

“You are not in the world…the world is in you,” what did he mean? [That is, you are not in the world,” that is, there is no “you” that is real or in any world. “The world is in you” means that the world is in your “mind” and is nothing more than a figment of your programming-and-conditioning-induced imaginings.]” ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharajquote-the-fact-is-that-you-are-not-the-body-the-self-does-not-move-but-the-world-moves-in-ramana-maharshi-82-59-14.jpg

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