LOVE Chose to Be Us…

LOVE is the real, the immutable that was before there were the beginnings and endings that define the duality of its ever transforming dreamscape tapestry of space and time, in which each is a thread pulled from the spool of birth and death, creation and destruction. This is how we can know for certain that LOVE’S Infinity dreamed us into Being, not it we, for how could the illusion of that which appears to be born have existed prior to that which is both the conceiver and bearer. That is why in reality, LOVE is not our choice; we did not choose to experience being LOVE, LOVE chose to dream the experience of Being Us…

Kip Baldwin
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“A superficial freedom to wander aimlessly here or there, to taste this or that, to make a choice of distractions, is simply a sham. It claims to be a freedom of “choice” when it has evaded the basic task of discovering who it is that chooses.” ~ Thomas Mertonhe-who-chooses-the-infinite-has-been-chosen-by-the-infinite-quote-1

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