Lose Your Mind Gain Your Sanity…

As counter-intuitive as it may feel, one must lose their mind completely, if they wish to leave the asylum of ego and fear behind entirely, that they may regain the ultimate sanity of LOVE’S Supreme Reality absolutely…

just LOVE…
Oshallah (Kip Baldwin)
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“Mind dissolves only when you don’t choose. And when there is no mind, you are for the first time in your crystal clarity, for the first time in your original freshness. For the first time your real face is encountered. Mind is not there – the divider. Now existence appears as one. Mind has dropped; the barrier between you and existence is no more. Now you can look at existence with no mind. This is how a sage is born. With the mind – the world. With no mind – freedom, MOKSHA, KAIVALYA, NIRVANA. Cessation of the mind is cessation of the world.” ~ Rajneeshthe-apparent-craziness-of-the-world-like-everything-else-is-a-gift-that-we-can-use-to-set-our-minds-quote-1

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