No Suffering in Service..

She opened her eyes from her soul’s nightly rejuvenation away from the heinous lunacy that now consumed humanity. She thought, as she had each morning for more years than she could count, “Still here, still the same, let me put it on again, my flesh suit of pain.”. She then mused, as she had each and every of the many savage dawns before, “Such a simple belief to correct this fatal flaw, in the understanding of modern man, that informed them that all life, all LOVE was for me, not we for it. This was to her, the origin of their needless, senseless suffering.”. And she was living proof of this, as if it was not for the knowing that she had a chosen responsibility to all life, to the we, not the me, she would have found a high bridge, a fast moving bus or syringe filled with heroin and called it a day long ago. But no that was not her self decided destiny, as LOVE to be. Again she pondered, “Yes such simple error in judgement to correct, to be for we and not for me.”. She understood however, that the ego’s desires for the illusion of control and the delusion of a physical immortality had become a blindfold over mankind’s senses keeping them from feeling this simple truth that would be the salvation of all. It was then she knelt down to pray to no God in particular (it was really less a prayer to a some deity and more a plea cast to source consciousness), “Let them stop for just a moment and take a collective breath through the heart, allowing them a chance to remember their real purpose, as the LOVE they are, is to serve at the pleasure of infinite creation and not it for they.”. With that she slipped on her shoes far to small for her feet, walking out into the light of day, to share her awakening, where she may, but no matter her pain, she did not suffer, for to be in service to others, was the joy that inspired her heart’s every beat.

just LOVE…

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy.”
~ Rabindranath Tagorehelping-others

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