Immortality? Don’t make me laugh…

Man’s impossible quest to conquer the illusion of the ravages of a phytreessical death, has led them to the insane fantasy that they are masters of space and time, that they are in control, when in fact they can never be and or the belief in the fairy tale that they are the very most special thing in all creation, with “God” of course, loving them most of all.

If they really stopped for a moment and thought honestly about this want of immortality for the body, the “I” they would surely come to understand the unmitigated arrogance, the sheer hubris, of their narcissistic, sociopathic madness of ego, that their ludicrous obsession, to never change is.

They may even laugh hysterically put loud at themselves, upon the realization of their lunacy. For to be forever, as their reflection would mean they out live the earth, the sun, the solar system, the galaxy, even the universe itself. The incalculable vanity of that thinking is really quite amusing, if one steps back from ones self and observes, unattached.

But after the laughter fades, they should not be filled with fear and despair, overwhelmed with thoughts of dying, of never being again, as you see, what in truth they are is eternal, unending. For man like all things are the imagined children of LOVE and Infinity, whose dreams of life have no limit.

So while all stories of being eventually, must come to “the end”, the journey, the seeking into the unknown never does. And how thrilling is that, to accept that in one form or another (remembering or not that “you” ever were before) a trillion experiences from now, you will be no closer to a final destination, an ultimate answer than you are this moment.

Man must let go their futile quest as “I” to live without end, if ever they hope both individually and collectively, to embrace the pure joy of just being what they are; that is the sublime undefinable, indescribable magnificence of LOVE and Infinity embodied…

Immortality? Don’t make me laugh.

just LOVE…

“I argue thee that love is life.
And life hath immortality.”
~ Emily Dickinson

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