The Body Is Not the True Self…

It’s fascinating that despite all today’s scientific evidence and ages old wisdom teachings now proving and sharing why we are not matter. All informing us that in fact and truth we are made of nothing, save for perhaps bits of information shaped by frequency into form, as science has found or the dream stuff of some nameless, faceless, unknowable supreme source that dwells in the heart of the abyss of eternal, infinite nothingness, as has been passed down from one ascended master after the other, yet we still cling with all our might to the body, as if real. Why would we choose to continue the suffering of mind and flesh, surviving our almost every moment fearing an impossible death? When we could with simple awakening, expansion of awareness, shift in consciousness experience being without the need of the frailty and complications of existing bound in mask of skin; a free flowing state of expanded perception where the unique one, also perceives of itself as innately one with all, with source. Are the tastes and touches of the body so addictive that we will continue to endure any torment or torture just to get our next fix? It seems the flaw in our understanding of what is, is this; we think that without the body we would lose all the sensations of being we crave so insatiably, when nothing could be further from the truth of being as LOVE. Being as LOVE we lose nothing, except our fear of losing, while gaining all the wondrous feelings of being limitless and boundless Infinity has for each to share in. Step through the mirror, leave our ego reflection behind, sharing the uniqueness of each with the oneness of LOVE’S all, as whether we believe it or not, we are regardless. We have only been blinded from this reality by myopic games of the mind and finite fantasies of the flesh. LOVE is the true self…

just LOVE…
Kip Baldwin
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“But what is your true self is the God within you who became you, and when you realize that you are not yourself but you are he, then you discover that you and he are one, just as Jesus said. Jesus was a great master, and he had great teachings for the world, and when it says in the Bible, “All those who received him, to them gave the power to become the sons of God.” ~ Goswami Kriyananda17af5fa5139de6ca8294a61175f54203--rumi-poetry-poetry-quotes

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